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Wendy's Story

  "You never realize how much you take things for granted until you no longer have them."

Last Thanksgiving, Wendy O. and her family started a road trip to see relatives. On the way, their vehicle caught fire and was destroyed. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but Wendy soon discovered that she couldn’t afford new transportation, which meant she could no longer get back and forth to work or care for her family’s basic needs. Someone told her about Wheels of Success. She approached her employer about submitting an application for assistance on her behalf, and the employer agreed. When her application was approved, she received a vehicle and her work and family life began to return to normal. Since receiving assistance, Wendy has followed the Wheels of Success philosophy of "paying it forward." She donated the first vehicle she received back to the program and worked with Wheels of Success and one of its auto partners to get a larger vehicle that better suited her family. Back on her feet, Wendy is working full-time while building a gift-basket business that had been sidelined when she lost her car in the fire. She donates baskets to Wheels of Success fundraisers as part of her continued support of the program.

Wheels of Success does more than give out cars. We help with car repairs, tag/title/insurance, car payments and down payments. Any donation, no matter how small, can make a huge difference. $35 transfers a title; $50 buys a tire or battery. Make a donation >

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