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2013 (YTD) – 555 Vehicles Awarded and 532 Repairs

2011 (YTD) – 410 Vehicles Awarded and 427 Repairs

2009 - Total of 280 Vehicles Given - 280 Other Services

2007 (YTD) - 35 Vehicles Given - 16 Repairs - 8 Other Services

  • Founder of Wheels of Success receives Points of Light Award
  • Wheels of Success will open its own car lot location through a partnership with DLT Wholesale
  • Goal for 2nd annual Labor Day car giveaway is to give 50 vehicles with the support of car dealerships in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties

Goal for 2007 - 80 vehicles - 100+ families helped

2006 - 45 Vehicles Given - 60 Families Helped

  • Media Kit put together with funds from Children's Board and written by Springboard Strategies
  • Caspers Company/McDonalds is the first employer partner
  • 1st Annual Labor Day car giveaway (20 cars given out!)
  • Expansion to Pasco county, formed cooperative agreement with Sunrise of Pasco County
  • The Family Justice Center provides a permanent home for Wheels of Success
  • New logo designed by South Island Design to launch branding campaign

2005 - 22 Vehicles Given - 35 Families Helped

2004 - 11 Vehicles Given - 19 Families Helped

  • Web site designed by Cory Seymour of South Island Design at no charge
  • Tampa Connection picks Wheels of Success to establish car care classes with Sears Automotive
  • AAA Auto Club South joins Wheels of Success board, provides memberships and towing
  • Children's Board provides first of several technical assistance grants
  • Spheris adopts Wheels as local charity to provide support/funds for 1st fundraiser
  • Cooperative agreement formed with The Spring of Tampa Bay and their transitional housing program
  • Bill Currie Ford joins Wheels of Success board to provide mentorship

2003 - 3 Vehicles Given - 3 Families Helped

  • June - Wheels of Success is incorporated
  • October - Professional Women Empower holds auction to raise money for Wheels of Success