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Susan Jacobs, Founder & CEO, Wheels of Success, 813-490-9443;
or, Gregg Laskoski, 813-289-1320; or cell; 813-992-0867


Organization providing working families with transportation assistance needs vehicles to continue helping people who, in turn, pay it forward

Tampa, FL (Aug. 10) -- Wheels of Success, Inc., the grassroots nonprofit organization that helps working families by providing them with transportation so they can continue to work, would like to help you part with the car you don't need or want.

"We are hoping to assist 50 families on Labor Day by giving them vehicles that are donated, which we repair, if necessary, to help them continue to remain working and viable," said Susan Jacobs, founder and CEO of Wheels of Success, Inc. based in Tampa but serving Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties.

"We'll pick up the car; it doesn't even have to be in running condition," said Jacobs, adding "we take all kinds, whether they're classics or clunkers!"

Anyone interested in donating a vehicle should also know that the U.S. Department of Treasury has revised the tax laws regarding the donation of automobiles and the deductions that can be claimed. The result is: You may be able to claim more by donating your car to Wheels of Success than other non-profit organizations.

Depending on the condition of your automobile Wheels of Success may be able to offer it to a family in need of reliable transportation. As a result you would be able to claim fair market value. If another non-profit organization simply sells your car, you would only be able to claim the amount it was sold for.

Please check with your accountant about the actual amount allowed for deduction.

Wheels of Success asks those clients who benefit from the program to "Pay it Forward." Clients receiving a vehicle "buy" it from the program by making monthly payments based on ability to pay, as well as donating 5 service hours per month to the organization. These payments enable our Clients to make a difference and help Wheels of Success keep rolling and serving others.

Since its inception in 2003, Wheels of Success has assisted 176 families and 120 have received cars. An additional 56 families have received car repairs, down payment, insurance or other assistance. In 2007 alone, 31 families have received cars and 20 additional clients have been given vehicle repairs or assistance.

The organization gladly accepts all vehicles or cash donations to help with the cost of repairs which will be matched by the Children's Board of Hillsborough County up to $10,000. They can be made by visiting the website, and clicking on make a donation.

For additional information, please call 813-490-9443.

Wheels of Success is located at 9309 N. Florida Ave., Tampa. It was incorporated in 2003 to help families obtain or continue work by providing them with reliable transportation. It is Tampa Bay's only 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing a full range of transportation solutions, including vehicle replacement, car repair, licensing, car payment and down payment assistance to low and moderate income working families.