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Susan Jacobs, Founder & CEO, Wheels of Success, 813-490-9443;
or, Gregg Laskoski, 813-289-1320; or cell; 813-992-0867


President George W. Bush and Former President George H.W. Bush have each sent congratulatory letters

TAMPA (March 22, 2007) -- A "Point of Light." That's Susan Jacobs – CEO and Founder of Wheels of Success, Inc., the grassroots organization in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties that helps working people keep working by providing them with reliable transportation in the form of a vehicle; car repairs; auto insurance; car payments and/or related assistance.

"For working class families a reliable car is the key to stability. It helps everyone arrive at work dependably; get kids to school; shop for groceries and be active in the community," said Jacobs. "So many of us take cars for granted... Unfortunately, for many people who are just scraping by, not having reliable transportation is an overwhelming obstacle. But help them overcome this problem and it's amazing how this improves all aspects of their lives -- both at work and at home. And as their lives improve, they move to a point where they want to try and help others the same way. That's what we're about."

Jacobs' efforts caught the attention of the Points of Light Foundation which notified her that she will be honored with a profile of her produced by the Foundation and posted online; national and state government agencies will also be notified, and she will receive a congratulatory letter from both President George W. Bush and former President George Bush.

The Points of Light Award will be presented to Susan Jacobs at a United Way luncheon that will recognize many community volunteers on April 17.

"I'm delighted!" said Jacobs. "And for the first time I can think of, I'm speechless!"

'Points of Light'

More than 100 million people in this country volunteer their time, talent and energy to help others, solve social problems and build strong communities. These volunteers represent all backgrounds and beliefs and range in age from 5-95, but share the common goal of working to make a difference.

The awards and recognition programs of the Points of Light Foundation celebrate the success of these volunteers and spotlight the impact that various individuals, groups, businesses and families have made in their communities.

"Points of Light are the soul of America. They are ordinary people who reach beyond themselves to the lives of those in need, bringing hope and opportunity, friendship and care." -- Former President George Bush

'Pay it Forward'

Wheels of Success clients are referred by religious and social service organizations or their employer. Wheels of Success follows a "Pay it Forward" philosophy and recipients pay back a percentage of the repairs or licensing services (the vehicle itself is donated) by making monthly payments based on ability to pay, as well as donating 5 service hours per month to the organization. These payments enable our clients to make a difference and help Wheels of Success to keep rolling and serving others.

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Wheels of Success, Inc. was incorporated in 2003 to help families obtain or continue work by providing them with reliable transportation through a program of car repairs, vehicle replacement, related licensing services, car payments, down payments and car-care classes in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties and has since expanded to Pasco County. To date, Wheels of Success has assisted 130 families and 95 of them have received vehicles.

Wheels of Success is located at 9309 N. Florida Ave., Suite 109, Tampa. For information, to make a cash donation, or to donate a vehicle, please visit; or call: 813-490-9443.

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