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Wheels of Success’ BUILD-A-CAR program allows individuals or teams to “adopt” a car to get it road ready. The average cost to repair and recondition a donated car is $3000. 

  • $25 provides an oil change & air filter 
  • $50 buys a tire with balancing 
  • $100 replaces brakes 
  • $250 replaces 4 tires with balancing and alignment 
  • $300 replaces a water pump 
  • $1000 buys an engine 
  • $1500 replaces a transmission

Our Programs

Vehicles for Veterans program helps veterans reenter the workforce after serving our country.

Road to Independence program helps domestic violence victims escape their abuser with reliable transportation. Victims of domestic violence include men, women and children of all ages.

Wheels to the Future program specifically targets young people aging out of foster care and unaccompanied youth who lack support from family members as they start adult life on their own.

Cars for Caregivers program helps Direct Care Workers (“DCW”) improve the lives of their patients after the buses stop running. As our CEO explained “Having reliable transportation enables caregivers to take care of their families so that they can take care of ours.”

Pay it Forward Philosophy

Wheels of Success operates with a pay-it-forward philosophy. Clients receiving a vehicle “buy” it from the program by making small monthly payments for 1 year. They also donate three hours of service monthly to the program. These fees help Wheels of Success assist additional clients and allow the recipients to pay-it-forward.

Donate Your Car

You receive the greatest tax advantage for your donation because we try not sell your car at auction but present it to a family so you can deduct the fair market value of the vehicle.

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