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Joanne Weiland, CMC, CEO
Commanding View, Inc.

In 2002, Joanne Weiland founded Commanding View, Inc. to fulfill her lifelong dream and vision of helping others learn and grow. Her passion to see executives reach new heights and organizations maximize performance and productivity has culminated into a highly successful company. Commanding View Inc. utilizes the expertise of hundreds of professionals from all aspects of business. Their areas of proficiency range from human resources, to marketing, to strategic planning and leadership endurance and transformation.

Often described as an "over-achiever", Joanne has consistently exceeded expectations during her career. She has always surpassed revenue goals and has an innate ability to build partnerships between diverse constituents and industries worldwide. Building relationships is important to Joanne's philosophies of running a successful organization.

With renowned and respected talents in operations management, development of marketing and business strategies, corporate training, and innovative approaches, Joanne is a pioneer. Her specialties are the technologies of networking, wireless communication, and mobile computing.

Joanne has received numerous awards, including the Most Likely to Succeed Networker at the 2007 Power of Networking Awards and Expo, the National Speakers Association Meeting Partner of the Year award for 2006, the Exceptional Intel Personal Management Objective ranking and Tech Data Salesperson of the Year. In addition, she has been awarded several Xircom President's Club and Achiever's Club awards as well as many MicroAmerica's Top Sales Team awards.

Although Joanne may be described by some as a "workaholic", she begins each day with meditation. While working hard and efficient is a must, time to reflect and appreciate is important to her personal goals. Time for physical activities such as spinning, Zumba, Yoga/Pilates, and weight training are part of her daily schedule.

Involvement in her community is also a vital component of Joanne's mission and she belongs to a vast array of organizations. Among these are the University of Tampa's Leadership Coaching Program for their MBA students, and a board member of Wheels of Success, a non-profit who provide transportation needs for working families. She is an avid Safety Harbor Resort & Spa Member. Other organizations in which she is a member or leader range from leadership groups, educational coalitions, religious affiliations, and social service organizations.

With over 20 years of both personal and professional training, Joanne continues to utilize her strengths and savvy in the business world to help others succeed. She is a lifelong learner and Masterminding is her favorite sport! Joanne enjoys spending time with her family, friends and mentors.

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